FunKey Rhymes

Educating your children

by Nicole Wilson

Our children are little sponges, soaking up everything around them. Don’t expose them to a bland, synthesised world of music when you can share the technicolor world of real orchestral sounds with them. Entertain and educate your kids and yourselves at the same time with these hilarious arrangements of favourite nursery rhymes played by the very best professional musicians from London's West End. Help your child to appreciate music of the highest quality right from the start. By listening to these arrangements, your child will absorb these beautiful sounds and learn to appreciate the sounds of each different instrument. All too often, we underestimate our children's capacity to enjoy music on a higher level, so feed your child's ears the very best music to give them the best musical start in life!

FunKey Rhymes is a must have for the school room, turning music lessons into joyful, upbeat experiences while teaching kids about the kaleidoscopic range of sounds that a symphony orchestra can produce. All the instruments of the orchestra feature on this diverse CD which covers almost every style of music imaginable from full size symphony orchestra and Big Band to string quartet and 80s pop.

You'll find a rhyme to illustrate every style, mood and rhythm using tunes familiar to all children. The FunKey Rhymes App adds another layer of learning as the words to each rhyme appear at the bottom of each page on the iPhone/iPad screen. Your child will gradually learn to read the words as they sing along with our FunKey Diva.

As they grow with confidence they can record their very own FunKey performance which they can email to friends and relatives.

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